Review: Something is Killing the Children #19

Writer: James Tynion IV
Artist: Werther Dell’Edera
Colors: Miquel Muerto
Letters: Andworld Design
Publisher: BOOM! Studios

“Erica must play the Game of Nowhere, a secretive binding ritual of the Order of St. George, but not everyone wants her to succeed. And it’s much more than a game; it is an important, yet dangerous part of a hunter’s initiation… and not all students survive the process. Will Erica pass? And if so, at what cost?
SOMETHING IS KILLING THE CHILDREN #19 features main cover art by series artist Werther Dell’Edera and variant cover art by fan favorite artist Danny Luckert (The Red Mother).”

Every single time I think I can’t love Erica anymore than I already do, an issue comes out that really blows me away and elevates her even higher on my list of characters I adore. In issue 19, we see exactly what Erica has to survive in order to join the House of Slaughter. And it’s intense.

As always, the art is incredible. This particular issue has things brought to life inside Erica’s test that are done brilliantly. The colors are simply gorgeous, and the lettering is fantastic as always.

Grab it today!


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