Review: Vinyl #3

Written by Doug Wagner
Art by Daniel Hillyard
Colors by Dave Stewart
Letterered by Ed Dukeshire
Edited by Keven Gardner
Designs by Sasha E Head

“As Walter continues to go even deeper into the sunflower death cult’s underground gore bunker, his serial killer friends decide to split up to sew their unique brands of chaos. New wickedly disturbing monsters are revealed on both sides. Who wins when the criminally insane take on pure evil?”

I fall more and more in love with this series the more I read it. In this particular issue, we start to get a better understanding of Walter, and it absolutely makes me love his character that much more.

The art is a fantastic combination of fun and horror. Bright and gruesome. The colors are gorgeous. The lettering is perfect.

Don’t miss out on Vinyl #3!


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