Planet Comicon 2021

One of my absolute favorite cons returned this past weekend, the weekend before my birthday, like a special gift from the universe. Planet Comicon Kansas City is a well staffed, well organized, fun and friendly convention with something for everyone.

If you want to watch the video of our three day trip, click here.

Day One

My mom and I started our adventure Friday morning, picking up our friends April and Kelsey and heading out for a 4.5 hour road trip full of incredibly weird billboards, a multitude of unusual roadside adult stores, and one gas station break for a quick lunch/snack and refueling. Eventually we made it to our hotel, which was a short walk from the convention center. After checking in at the con and getting our passes, we made our way back to the hotel for check in, before venturing to the con.

If there isn’t anything overly pressing I need to do immediately on day one, I like to start bigger, multi day con events by wandering the con floor to get a feel for what’s there, where everything is, etc. One of my weekend priorities was finding Todd Aaron Smith to buy a duplicate print of one I already have, so I could give the other away on Instagram (angelyoung13) when I hit 20k followers.

Surprise. I bought an original sketch for my collection from Todd haha. Honestly, this may be my favorite thing I got all weekend.

After that, mom and I checked out some more vendors, looked at some miscellaneous items I wanted to consider purchasing, and then decided we’d head over to the celebrity section for autographs. We each had our agendas: my mom wanted her Supernatural poster signed, and I wanted my My Hero Academia poster signed, plus had to get some My Hero Academia signatures for my nieces, my best friend, and my boyfriend. So, I knew we’d both be busy a while.

I added six voice actors by the end of day one: Todoroki, Uraraka, Tenya, Momo, Shigaraki, and Bakugo. I already had signatures from Dabi and Toga from previous cons.

We ventured around some more once autographs were finished for the day, with our two biggest autographs being the next day: Misha Collins for mom, and Christopher Sabat for me.

Added more Bioshock prints from Punch It Graphics to my collection.

No, I didn’t pay that much for the comic.

Day Two

I was ready and excited to meet Christopher Sabat. So excited that I wore absolutely no All Might merch to the con that day like a weirdo haha.

Wait. I did have All Might socks on. But still.

“Angel – You can be a hero”

I went through the autograph line for Misha Collins with my mom. Then made my way to the extremely long Christopher Sabat line. Was the like hour and forty minute wait worth it? Absolutely.

Because not only was I getting my poster signed, but I was getting my MHA obsessed niece’s poster signed:

AND, he did something so amazing for her: he recorded a video for her on my phone. All on his own. Without me asking. If you want to see the video, go to the link at the beginning of this post and watch on YouTube!

I won’t lie: I cried like 4 times after meeting him. Which has never happened to me, aside from meeting Kevin Smith, but that was a unique situation.

I just stumbled upon this.

I bought more stuff, my mom had a photo shoot with a screen used Baby replica from Supernatural:

After I dropped her off for a panel, I did a little more shopping and resting.

Once we were pretty much done for the day, we met up with April and Kelsey and decided to go on a mini adventure on the streetcar. I navigated like the fearless leader I am, and even found a fancy Chinese restaurant for dinner.

We absolutely loved it. It was such a nice restaurant, the staff was super nice, we were distanced from other diners, and the food was delicious.

We went back to the hotel and wrapped up our night at the rooftop pool, before going back to our rooms and resting up for the final day.

Day Three

We started day three with packing, checking out, and loading the car before heading to the con.

The majority of day three, I was hauling this massive box around. So if you saw a very tired girl carrying a huge Wonder Woman box for her mom: that was me.

I made a few small purchases Sunday:

Plus the print I meant to buy day one from Todd Aaron Smith before I got distracted by the original sketch haha.

Sadly, it wasn’t a super long day at the con, and we left to start the long journey home.

As always, it was a blast. I recommend Planet Comicon to anyone I can because it’s just such an excellent con and always a good experience for us. I love getting to spend this time with my friends and bond over nerdy goodness with them and other con goers.

Can’t wait for next year!


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