Review: The Me You Love in the Dark #2

Written by Scottie Young
Art by Jorge Corona
Colors by Jean-Francois Beaulieu
Letters by Nate Piekos

Artist Ro, hiding out in an old house, hoping for artistic lightning to strike, begins to feel even more strongly connected with the shadowy presence she’s been communicating with.”

I’m so in love with this story. The aspect of a lonely painter in a haunted house, communicating with something otherworldly and finding her inspiration. There’s something so haunting and intoxicating about this book. Not only are we watch Ro be lured into whatever darkness is there, but we as readers are being pulled in as well. It feels like you’re in the house, too.

The atmosphere brings out so much for the story. The art is absolutely breathtaking. Keeping the new friend Ro has made mostly just out of sight is such a delectable tease and keeps you anxious. The colors are stunning and set the tone. The lettering is fantastic.

Don’t miss issue two of The Me You Love in the Dark – out this week!


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