Review: The Last Book You’ll Ever Read #2

Writer: Cullen Bunn 
Artist: Leila Leiz
Colorist: Giada Marchisio
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Designer: Tim Daniel
Cover A: Leila Leiz
Cover B: Jen Hickman
On Sale: 9/8/2021

Olivia Kade’s cross-country book tour kicks off and is immediately met with resistance. The public lashes out against her treatise on the collapse of society, and it is Connor Wilson’s job to keep her safe. As events surrounding the tour grow more violent, more surreal, and more horrific, Connor can’t help but wonder — is Olivia’s book bringing about strange changes in the world?

Things are getting more and more violent and unhinged everywhere Olivia goes. People are becoming uninhibited, doing things they usually restrain themselves from doing. Including her security detail: Connor.

This story is absolutely fascinating because even without our own ability to read the book within the book, you can sense the disruption and taboo feelings it’s stirring up in the characters around Olivia. It almost teases a sense of danger for us as readers – what would happen if we could read it? It’s something brilliant and keeps me glued.

The art is gorgeous and haunting and really helps transcend this book to the next level. Between shocking moments and subtle imagery that just gets under your skin, the art really brings the horror to life, and it’s so beautifully done. The colors are stunning. The lettering is perfect.

Grab The Last Book You’ll Ever Read #2 this week!


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