Review: Seven Secrets #12

Written by Tom Taylor
Art by Daniele Di Nicuolo
Colored by Walter Baiamonte
With color assistance by Katia Ranalli
Lettered by Ed Dukeshire

A dangerously close encounter with Amon leaves Caspar shaken to the core.

With the Order divided and at a disadvantage, will the traitor finally accomplish their mission from within?

One thing is for certain, it will bring them one step closer to exposing the remaining Secrets and nothing will ever be the same…”

I thought this series couldn’t shock me any more than the jaw-dropping twist that came with issue #11. I was wrong. Issue #12 absolutely blew me AWAY. I can never guess what’s coming with this story, and it almost always leaves me on the edge of my seat.

The art is, as always, such a stunning and important part of this story. It brings everything to life and gives the action so much more power on every page. The colors are absolutely beautiful. The lettering is perfect.

Don’t miss Seven Secrets #12 – out tomorrow!


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