Review: By the Horns #5

Story & direction by Markisan Naso
Art, lettering, and design by Jason Muhr
Color art and effects by Andrei Tabacaru

The abduction of Rigby has taken a heavy toll on Elodie and her allies as they make their way across the continent toward the western stronghold of Qeb, the night sand warlock. In the north, the wind wizards’ villainous plan for Solothus intensifies.”

How this series continues to get better and better with each issue, I’ll never know. This issue was absolutely excellent. The story is so entertaining, exciting, and above all – has some incredible heart to it. The bonds developed are so strong, and upset amongst the group tears at my heart.

As always, By the Horns gives us some of the most incredible art in the history of comics. Unique designs and landscapes, beautifully done characters, gorgeous colors. The lettering is perfect.

Don’t miss issue #5 of By the Horns!


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