Review: Home Sick Pilots #9

Written by Dan Watters
Art by Caspar Wijngaard
Letters by Aditya Bidikar
Design by Tom Muller

A national trauma has been successfully weaponized—which is probably fine and very unlikely to end in tears or provoke an army of ghosts to flood from the earth to seek revenge.”

The uniqueness of Home Sick Pilots really helps each individual issue shine. As a reader, I love having something so fresh and intriguing to look forward to. I never know what’s coming next. The horror elements are top notch. The heart at the center of it all is moving. I can’t wait for issue 10.

The art really helps set this series apart, as well. The imagery is captivating and really such a treat for your eyes. The colors are vibrant and beautiful, breathing life into each page. The lettering is fantastic.

Do not miss issue #9 of Home Sick Pilots!


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