Review: Maw #1

Written by: Jude Ellison S. Doyle
Art by: A.L. Kaplan 
Colors by: Fabiana Mascolo
Lettered by: Cardinal Rae

Dragged by her sister Wendy to a feminist retreat on the remote island of Angitia, Marion Angela Weber hopes to gain some perspective and empowerment . . . that isn’t at the bottom of a bottle. But everything is horribly derailed after an assault on their first night there.

The violent encounter awakens something in Marion she never imagined, triggering warped mutations in her body, and bringing forth a hunger she can’t bring herself to name. When the townsfolk react with suspicion and violence, what unforgivable act will transform Marion into the very monster they’ve made her out to be?”

This is an intense first issue, but it’s highly intriguing. It played out a lot like a movie, feeling more like I was watching a story start to play out than consciously reading something. And I mean this as a compliment. I was so immersed, I was lost in the pages as I read.

The flow of the art really aided in the immersive qualities of the story. Giving us just enough without anything too traumatic. Beautiful scenes to accompany the horrific ones. The colors set the tone beautifully. The lettering was very well done.

Grab issue one of Maw this week!


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