Review: Broken Souls Ballad #3

Writer: Massimo Rosi
Artist: Ludovica Ceregatti

The hunt has begun! At St. Abigail’s, the “brothers and sisters” have managed to gather all the pieces of the puzzle and the awakening of the “special” children has attracted the attention of their most monstrous servants. Will they be able to summon the necessary strength and courage to find each other and escape from this common and dangerous enemy or will they become weapons in the hands of evil men?”

If you remember my review for issue two, you’ll recall that I almost couldn’t handle finishing that issue. That vivid, intense reading experience stuck with me all the way to issue three. I was so anxious about reading issue three, I feared it may be rough again. Luckily, I handled it just fine this time. However – it was still a dark issue, and in the best way.

The art is so creative and interesting in this series, bringing creatures and monsters to life. Connecting physical representations of mental illness to life in fascinating ways. The colors are beautiful. The lettering is great.

Don’t miss issue three!


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