Review: Eat the Rich #2

Written by: Sarah Gailey
Art by: Pics Bak
Colored by: Roman Titov
Lettered by: Cardinal Rae

Is Joey willing to pay with her life to uncover the gruesome secrets behind Crestfall Bluffs?

Joey is beyond disturbed by what she has just witnessed and she has every right to be, but when she confides in her boyfriend Astor, his reassurance about his family’s weird rituals and traditions only fuels her suspicions.

Still, Joey will need proof in order to expose the truth of Crestfall Bluffs, but what she finds produces more questions and danger than answers!”

This issue hit home a little hard for me – which sounds crazy, given then subject matter. But a character’s health is touched on, in regard to why the things in this book just happen, and those health issues really made me squirm since they’re things I deal with, too. It made me really consider if I’d even be willing to partake in this, given the circumstances. And that makes this truly horrifying for me, personally.

The art is beautifully done, with haunting imagery that hardens back to issue one, as well as a looming threat you can feel on the page that’s conveyed through the art and colors on each page. You feel the unease. The lettering is well done and helps so much with the storytelling.

Grab issue two tomorrow!


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