Review: Human Remains #1

Writer: Peter Milligan 
Artist: Sally Cantirino
Colorist: Dearbhla Kelly
Letterer: Andworld
Designer: Tim Daniel
Cover A: Sally Cantirino
Cover B: Joshua Hixson
Cover C: Corin Howell
Cover D: Brendan McCarthy
Cover E: Mike Allred
On Sale: 9/29/2021

Dax and Bisa love each other. But in this new and terrifying world, love is dangerous. Feeling anything is dangerous. Earth has a new and terrible invader-monsters that deprive us of the very feelings that make us human.

A shocking tale of pent-up emotions, perilously loud sex, and forced compsure in the face of unspeakable horror…from one of the most celebrated writers in comics, Peter Milligan (X-Force, Enigma, Shade, the Changing Man, Hellblazer) and breakout horror artist Sally Cantirino (I Walk With Monsters, The Final Girls).”

This is an absolutely chilling story. It’s the sort of delightfully horrifying book we need just on the cusp of October, to properly immerse ourselves mentally into the best time of year. Along with the cosmic horror elements are concepts that hit close to home in reality, especially the last few years. This is something that really adds to the believability of something otherwise so unbelievable – we see how some handle this terrifying situation and know this is likely exactly how this would happen.

The art ranges from dark and gory and somber, to colorful and bright and cheery. The juxtaposition helps represent the change to the world: repressed emotions in the present, the range of emotions in the before time. It’s all incredibly done – from art to coloring and lettering.

Don’t miss out on this truly amazing yet horrifying tale!


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