Review: Parasomnia #4

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Andrea Mutti
Letters: Simon Bowland

As the nameless stranger battles nightmares in a dream world on his hunt for his missing son-his life and his family’s in the real world continue to fall apart in this chilling conclusion to this supernatural and melancholy tale.

There’s something incredibly special about Parasomnia, and it’s a little difficult for me to pinpoint. There’s something very satisfying about watching this story unfold. Something about they way it unveils as it’s written is truly intriguing. The story itself is unique and interesting, keeping you eager for the next issue.

The art is beautiful and captures a dream-like quality, which elevates the storytelling and really perfects the tone. We’re taken into this story where two worlds exist – a dream, and reality, and the lines blur on where one begins and another ends.

The last few pages of this issue really blew me away.

Grab it this week!


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