Six Flags Fright Fest 2021

It is that time of year again, my friends – spooky season! I am at my peak this time of year. Cool autumn air. Beautiful leaves changing colors. And HAUNTED HOUSES.

2021 brought the return of Fright Fest to Six Flags St Louis, though with some modifications.

I’ll assume differences this year were pandemic related, but there were only 4 haunted house attractions, as well as no unlimited pass options – including for the Diamond Elite Members, such as myself. One trip through each house per visit. Along with this, a few scarezone areas were lacking scareactors: either fewer, or none at all.

The four houses were:

The Slaughter House – a classic, returning house I hadn’t had the chance to go through, yet. So this was easily my most anticipated.

Oddball’s Funhouse – A scary clown house, returning after it’s first season in 2019. This is a personal favorite of myself and my nieces that year.

Uncaged – Mutated zoo animals take over the zoo. New for 2021.

Creatures of the Corn – Scarecrows, a corn maze. Also new for 2021.

Of the four, The Slaughter House was our favorite. This was my boyfriend’s first haunted house experience, and I’d started him with Oddball’s Funhouse and we ended it on The Slaughter House, hoping for a “start strong, end strong” scenario. Unfortunately, we learned this is the last year for The Slaughter House. So we will definitely be back for more.

Scare zones included: The Blood Bank Lounge, Gnawlin’s Hollow, Rottingham & Bones Graveyard, Sinister Clowns, Spider Alley, Sycophants, and Zombieville.

We did all the scare zones and all four houses. Aside from the opening ceremony, Freaks Unleashed, when the actors all pour in from the train, we didn’t do much entertainment this round.

Will you be attending any attractions or events this season? I have a few other spooky festivities planned – another returning event from 2019, as well as a new to me event that I’ll tell you all about once I’ve gone!


One thought on “Six Flags Fright Fest 2021

  1. Ohhh what some amazing shots!!
    The haunted corn maze is something I just can’t- as you see i’m claustrophobic 😅 so I tend to feel not so good in there ahaha.

    Im surprised they haven’t made something covid hospital related or something 🤔 while i’ve seen some corn maze pops, I haven’t seen anything too halloween related yet for us.


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