Cape Comic Con 2021

I’ve never gotten around to going to Cape Comic Con. I’ve been twice to the anime con (this year and 2019). But for some reason, I always missed comic con. Well, this year, I made the journey.

I will preface this by saying: I was not having a good day. It was totally unrelated to the con itself, but it still dampened the mood for me. Speaking of dampened – did I mention it was raining, there was nowhere to park except the opposite side of the building, and we could only enter through the door to the con on the OTHER side of the hotel? We were soaked, and it added to the cranky.

Luckily, I made sure the girls had packed their costumes with them to change in the bathroom. Otherwise Deku and Todoroki would have been a mess.

Dica was super excited to meet Austin Tindle, who voices one of her favorite anime characters – Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul.

I, too, got Kaneki’s autograph.

I was SUPER excited, though, to see Ming and Mike from Comic Book Men. In case you’ve never read it: here’s my post about going to film for Comic Book Men.

Over all, it was a good time. I only bought a few art prints, which I haven’t taken pics of yet. But follow my WanderingNerdGirl and angelyoung13 accounts on Instagram to eventually see those.

It’s nice to be covering events, again. I just need to have better days when doing so haha.


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