Review: Maw #2

Written by: Jude Ellison S. Doyle
Art by: A.L. Kaplan 
Colors by: Fabiana Mascolo, with color assistance by Federica Mascolo
Lettered by: Cardinal Rae

What happens when the monster within the shadows awakens? After being drugged and abandoned on a beach, Marion struggles with inexplicable and frightening changes to her body while her sister, Wendy, continues to try to fit in with the other women at the commune. As they both learn more about the commune and its mysterious leader, Diana Spiro, each new revelation brings the true nature of her motivations and teachings to light.”

The darkness in this issue is palpable. It’s an entity that comes to life around you as you read, creeping in and absorbing you fully into the story. There’s a lot of information to take in, and the ending is insane in the best way possible.

The art is dark and gritty and feels like it perfectly suits the book. The colors evoke that darkness and set the tone for the entire issue. The lettering is well done, as well.

Don’t miss issue two of Maw, out tomorrow!


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