Review: Vinyl #5

Written by Doug Wagner
Art by Daniel Hillyard
Colors by Dave Stewart
Letterered by Ed Dukeshire
Edited by Keven Gardner
Designs by Sasha E Head

It’s time. Madeleine’s bunker of abominations comes face to face with Walter’s blood-crazed psychopaths.

Let them fight!”

The end is approaching and I’m not ready to say goodbye. I absolutely adore Walter and his friends. I adore this story, the amount of heart in a book about serial killers going on a rescue mission in a murderous cult, and the incredibly loveable characters that we meet along the way. I’m both dying for the next issue, and dreading that goodbye.

The art is brutal and beautiful in every issue, but especially this one. A particular scene with Rennie was one of my favorites so far. The colors are gorgeous and vibrant and have a nice, happy pop, which is a fun contrast to the dark story matter. The lettering is fantastic.

Grab issue #5 of Vinyl now!


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