Review: House of Slaughter #1

Writer: James Tynion IV and Tate Brombal
Artist: Werther Dell’Edera and Chris Shehan
Colors: Miquel Muerto
Letters: Andworld Design
Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Discover the inner workings of the House of Slaughter in this new horror series exploring the secret history of the Order that forged Erica Slaughter into the monster hunter she is today.

You know Aaron Slaughter as Erica’s handler and rival. But before he donned the black mask, Aaron was a teenager training within the House of Slaughter.

Surviving within the school is tough enough, but it gets even more complicated when Aaron falls for a mysterious boy destined to be his competition.

Dive deeper into the world of Something is Killing the Children in this first story arc by co-creator James Tynion IV (The Department of Truth, The Nice House on the Lake) and co-writer Tate Brombal (Barbalien), with art by rising star Chris Shehan (The Autumnal) and co-creator Werther Dell’Edera (Razorblades).”

I absolutely love the start to The House of Slaughter and I can’t wait to see where this series takes us. I was a little worried, solely because I love Erica Slaughter so much, and worried a story based in the universe of Something is Killing the Children wouldn’t hold the same charm for me. Luckily, the main series has been diving into Erica’s past, and with it, getting us more familiar with Aaron ahead of time and a chance to get better bonded to him before going off on our own with him.

The art is stunning, as to be expected with such an incredible group of talent working on this project. The interior art to the covers are breathtaking. The colors are absolutely gorgeous. And the lettering is perfect.

House of Slaughter #1 is out now! Don’t miss it!


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