Review: By the Horns #7

Story & direction by Markisan Naso
Art, lettering, and design by Jason Muhr
Color art and effects by Andrei Tabacaru

Now an ongoing series! Stranded in the northern tundra of Ataraxy after narrowly escaping death, a weary Elodie and her team travel toward the Arctic Sleep to face the sorceress, Feng Po. But are they already too late to stop her from stealing all the magic on the continent?

Elodie and the others are in for a huge fight, and luckily have a little help. But not everyone wants them to save the creatures. On top of that, we get glimpses into what’s happening and what Elodie has to go against. I can’t wait to see where this is headed, and what sort of insanity is coming in the next issue!

The bonds in By the Horns really solidify my love for this series. Elodie has herself so guarded early on, it’s nice watching her open up, even if it isn’t willingly, and regain some softness after all the terrible things she’s seen. These moments with her companions really add to the heart of what makes this story special.

The art is ridiculously beautiful, as always. So many unique characters, stunning scenes, and creativity. The colors are gorgeous. The lettering is fantastic.

Don’t miss issue #7 of By the Horns!


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