Review: Good Luck #5

Written by Matthew  Erman
Art by Steffano Simeone
Letterered by Mike Fiorentino

The final battle is here! But what will Luck have to do with it?

The team takes on Cassiopeia, the embodiment of Bad Luck, with Joseph’s new form unifying them like never before.

Will Good Luck prevail…and is that even what the Unfortunates want?”

What an absolutely beautiful end to a beautiful story. There was such an emotional impact with this final issue, it almost brought me to tears. This is definitely a series to grab if you’ve missed out so far.

Just as the story itself is beautiful, the art is otherworldly levels of gorgeous. It’s definitely worth taking in every page again just to look at how stunning it all is. The colors are great. The lettering is fantastic.

Good Luck #5 is out now!


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