Review: Vinyl #6

Written by Doug Wagner
Art by Daniel Hillyard
Colors by Dave Stewart
Letterered by Ed Dukeshire
Edited by Keven Gardner
Designs by Sasha E Head

A sunflower death bunker ablaze. Ella Fitzgerald blaring in every room. It’s Walter versus Madeleine.

The end has come for one of my absolute favorites of 2021, and of all time. I cannot recommend Vinyl enough. It’s such a wonderful, quirky, bloody adventure. I almost cried at the start of the issue, solely because I knew I’d need to savor this one. It was a spectacular end to a spectacular story.

A lot of emotions were carried strictly in pages and panels of solely art. And it really shows how powerful this creative team is together. The art is gorgeous, the colors incredible, and the lettering is fantastic.

Read issue six of Vinyl tomorrow!


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