The Rocky Horror Picture Show – Flustered Mustard at the Melba

If you’ve been around a bit, you know my love for Rocky Horror Picture Show. I’ve done posts about the Rocky Horror Picture Show Festival as well as Rocky Horror Picture Show at Mineral Area College. I’m even an official member of the Fan Club.

So, of course I jumped at the opportunity to see the Flustered Mustard shadow cast at the Melba for a Midnight showing of RHPS.

Got all dolled up. My boyfriend bought the tickets for us and our friend Kelsey – who also went to the other two RHPS events with me. But it was my boyfriend’s first time attending AND watching the movie.

We didn’t make him do the Virgin Sacrifice though haha.

We arrived around 11pm when the doors opened, with bags full of props and a whole lot of excitement.

We got shirts, got our seats, and braced ourselves for the hilarious chaos which is the Virgin Sacrifice. I don’t like spoiling what that entails, because I find it funnier for people to go in blind.

Then the movie started, and the shadow cast started their fantastic performances.

The energy in the room was spectacular and you could feel how into it everyone was – from the cast and crew, to the audience. Props were flying. Everyone was shouting. We all sang along with our favorite songs. And, of course, we did the Time Warp.

If you’re in Missouri and Desoto isn’t too intense of a drive for you, definitely go check out the incredible event Flustered Mustard puts on at the Melba every last Saturday of the month. No Christmas plans this year? For $5, you can go have a great night with other fans.

Have you been to a RHPS event before?


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