Goals and Plans for 2022

Originally, 2020 was a packed full year of adventure that I was so ecstatic for. Then, the unexpected happened, and I spent that year mostly making comic review related content here on WanderingNerdGirl since wandering was pretty much off the table.

Then came 2021 – and vaccinations, which made me feel a little better about doing a few more things. We had Mooby’s Pop Up in St. Louis, going to the premiere for The Suicide Squad (there’s also a video if you’re interested!), Planet Comicon, and more. Finally, Wandering Nerd Girl was feeling more like it used to. But there was a small problem – I was getting severely burnt out with the increasing amount of comic coverage I needed to do, plus being paid to write elsewhere, and trying to revive the Wander in Wandering Nerd Girl.

While I don’t intend to completely cut out comic review content, I really must do something I’ve been dreading: I must cut back on individual weekly reviews. Whether I remedy this with monthly favorites, trade waiting, etc – I’m still deciding. I’ll still do things like book vs adaptation discussions, reviews or chats about some shows and movies, etc. But the amount of individual reviews will be cut back, as you may have already noticed happening.

But! I do plan to bring more of the following to WanderingNerdGirl in 2022:

Restaurants: The boyfriend and I enjoy trying new restaurants, and there’s always the fun of finding new places when I travel. So expect some fun restaurant suggestions next year.

Local tourism and day trips: I want to try more things within short distances of home. New haunts. New comic, gaming, and collection stores. Museums and destinations that aren’t too far from home. You get the idea.

Cons: Cons are back, baby! And I don’t mind throwing my mask on for a few days to partake in nerdy delight. Planet Comicon is a must every year, and Wizard World St. Louis is now Fan Expo St. Louis. You guys know how much I LOVE Fan Expo, so I’m stoked to have our own here. I’m also hoping to squeeze in a horror con.

Travel: This is a stretch goal, both financially and pandemic pending. But the boyfriend and I really want to go to Orlando this year, even if it’s just to visit my beloved Universal again. And if we can manage any other trips this year, I definitely want to.

Events: Things like Fright Fest, more Flustered Mustard RHPS nights, Science Center First Friday events, and more.

Misc: Book vs Adaptation, reviews, personal essays, travel tips and tricks, etc. Whatever other wonderful things I can bring to you all.

And above all, in 2022, I want to make sure I put myself higher on my priorities. My health, goals, happiness, and writing all deserve to have my attention. I want to work on my YouTube channel, on my new site QuinntessentialHarley.com, and whatever else makes me feel like me again.

This was the BEST year for the blog so far, crushing last years record breaking numbers. So let’s make sure next year is the best yet.

See you on the other side, lovelies.


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