Bo Lings: Delicious Chinese Food in Kansas City, Missouri

During Planet Comicon 2021 in August, we decided to venture out for some dinner and see a little of Kansas City while we were there. And of course we chose one of our favorite things to get: Chinese food.

We chose Bo Ling for two reasons:

1) It was close and accessible by free public transport – the streetcar. You could get off the streetcar just across from the restaurant, making it super easy to get to if you’re unfamiliar with the city.

2) It looked absolutely delicious online.

So, thanks to my super excellent navigation skills, we got to the restaurant, ordered food, and adored how beautiful it was.

Everyone’s food looked incredible. We all ordered crab rangoon with our food, but I didn’t think to take pictures because I was too busy eating them. But both appetizers and entrees were delicious. I had General Tso chicken with rice and broccoli and it was wonderful.

I whole-heartedly recommend checking out Bo Ling next time you’re in Kansas City, MO! And keep an eye out for us during the next Planet Comicon, because I’m sure we’ll be back.


2 thoughts on “Bo Lings: Delicious Chinese Food in Kansas City, Missouri

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