The Batman Calzony at Little Ceasars

If you haven’t heard – you can currently get a Batman Calzony from Little Ceasars.

This is part of the promotion for The Batman, coming next month. Not only do you get a The Batman themed box, a QR code to make it more interactive, but you also get your choice of cheese or pepperoni pizza with a parmesan and buttery-tasting, calzone-like crust filled with Garlic White Sauce, Cheese and Julienne Pepper. Oh. And it comes with a massive container of sauce. All for $7.99.

Plus – it’s shaped like this:

We grabbed both the pepperoni and cheese versions to try. I think I preferred the cheese myself. If you aren’t a big fan of Little Ceasars and the allure of Batman themed goodness isn’t enough to draw you in – then maybe pass on this one. But if you’re a huge fan and want the novelty of picking up a Batman pizza – then I definitely recommend.

Have you tried the Batman Calzony?


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