First Friday: Murder at the Museum

From the event page:

“We all love a good mystery. On Feb. 4, join us to solve a mystery at the Saint Louis Science Center! The evening will include a building-wide Clue-style mystery game, trivia, a feature presentation on the science behind solving crimes, and educational activities that will require the use of your “little grey cells.” End the evening with a screening of an Agatha Christie film favorite.”

My almost 11 year old niece has been obsessed with murder mysteries for some time now, so I’ve been on the hunt for a murder mystery we could do together. But finding one she’d be interested in that wasn’t 18+ or 21+ only was a bit of a challenge. But, luckily, the Saint Louis Science Center came through for me with another excellent First Friday event: Murder at the Museum.

We both decided to wear the World’s Greatest Detective for luck.

There were some options for fun, themed food options but we didn’t get the chance to partake.

Immediately, we got started on our investigation. We had a list of six suspects to find, interview, and make our notes on motives on potential weapons they could have used against our victim – Destiny T’Parrish.

Once we wrapped up asking questions, we went to the detective’s office to go through evidence, medical examiner notes, security notes, etc.

We then went to talk to the detective himself, hoping to shed some light on the investigation with any other possible details we could have missed.

Afterwards, we narrowed it down to two suspects, before eventually deciding on who we thought did it.

At 8pm, we gathered at the stage to go over the evidence and rule suspects out. Unfortunately for my niece and I – the killer was our second choice. But hey – we were close!

We did leave with some cool prints, at least!

I definitely recommend the First Friday events at the Saint Louis Science Center. Next month is particularly exciting because…. it’s Batman themed!


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