Planet Comicon 2022

To say I was excited for Planet Comicon 2022 is a severe understatement. This is one of my absolute favorite cons to attend, and I had a pretty packed, planned out schedule for the entirety of our trip – not just the con itself.

If you missed our trip last year: Planet Comicon 2021

For a short vlog, click here.

We left early Friday morning for the long drive, made it to our hotel, checked in, and went over to the con for day one.

I love the moment you first exit the escalator and enter the con floor. There’s a buzz to the room and an excitement that pulses through you like electricity. There’s this delightfully overwhelming feeling when you see all of the amazing things surrounding you while you decide where to begin.

My main plan for Friday was to explore the show floor a bit, and get any signatures out of the way. I brought some comics to get signed, as well as my My Hero Academia poster to add Denki and Mina to.

Luckily, my signing adventures were easily wrapped up Friday. James Tynion IV signed some comics for me – and was super nice!

I also met Cullen Bunn finally and had my copy of The Empty Man and The Last Book You’ll Ever Read signed.

I also met the voice actors for Mina and Denki from My Hero Academia and added their signatures to my poster – but I’m going to wait to show it off because I’m about to add some more actors to it very soon!

We went back to the hotel, had a nice dinner, hit the fitness center, and called it a night. The next morning we got up early and walked to the Opera House Coffee & Food Emporium for breakfast.

You can read my full post on Opera House here. But spoiler alert: it was delicious.

After we walked back to the hotel, grabbed our things and freshened up, it was back to Planet Comicon for Day Two.

My day two mission? Shopping. I just wanted to walk around, enjoy the con, and buy Harley Quinn stuff. Which is basically all I want in life, honestly.

After a busy day of shopping, we went back to the hotel, rested, then got ready for dinner. We took the streetcar back to the market area to try another restaurant. Last year we enjoyed Bo Lings Chinese food. This time, we tried Phikul Thai Bistro. You can read about that experience here!

I am happy to note that we did not go to the fitness center Saturday night haha.

Sunday morning, we went to a diner in the market area, then back to the con for final purchases and pictures.

It was an amazing trip, and I miss it already. I can’t recommend Planet Comicon enough. It’s in such a great area, and ran so well.


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