Binky’s Potluck: A Scooby-Doo Themed Food Truck You Cannot Miss!

A few weeks ago, I passed by a Mystery Machine looking food truck. I was in a hurry but excited, sure I’d find out soon who they were and where I could find them.

Skip ahead to yesterday, when my friend Ian posted on Facebook about this incredible food truck called Binky’s Potluck parked in Desloge, Missouri. From the pics, I knew – I’d found the truck!

Quickly upon realizing they’d be in Desloge again today, my best friend Brittaney and I decided it was something we had to try for lunch today.

First of all, I adore the truck and the theme – it’s bright and eye-catching. And, of course, has something I’m always drawn to: nerdy theme, all the way down to the menu.

Scrappie’s burgers called to us, so we all got the Let Me At ‘Em! burger. I upgraded my fries to cheese fries, and Brittaney upgraded hers to the loaded cheese fries.

Scrappie’s Let Me At ‘Em! Burger with Loaded Cheese Fries
And with regular cheese fries.

It was delicious! I tried some of Brittaney’s loaded cheese fries and definitely want to go back for my own order soon.

It was a friendly, welcoming atmosphere that I loved. Combine that with a great theme and tasty food and we have a real winner!

I highly recommend checking out Binky’s Potluck on Facebook and catching their truck when you can! I’ll definitely be going back myself for more.



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