Opera House Coffee and Food Emporium: A Breakfast Worthy of Con Fuel

During Planet Comicon 2022, we decided we were trying new food every day, including deciding Saturday morning we would wake up, leave our hotel, and walk to breakfast in the River Market area.

My friend Kelsey had found some different breakfast options that would be open when we were planning to eat. So, we tried the Opera House Coffee and Food Emporium. Conveniently right by Phikul Thai Bistro, where we had dinner that night.

As we walked in, I fell in love with the atmosphere. It felt cool and inviting, and wasn’t packed or busy yet, which was perfect for our schedule.

This is definitely a place I’d like to come back to and try more stuff. We were all drooling over their milkshake menu. But, we had a long day ahead of us. We needed appropriate breakfast food.

We ordered our food at the counter, took our numbers, and got our seats while we waited. Our friend Dylan went for a fancy coffee in the meantime.

I had the chicken and waffles – mostly because I’m more of a savory or sweet and savory person when it comes to breakfast – and it was delicious. The waffle was perfect. The chicken was delicious and the breading added just the perfect amount of savory to my food. Honestly, it’s been over a month since we were there, and I dream about it often.

If you’re in the Kansas City, Missouri area – especially for Planet Comicon – be sure to check out Opera House Coffee and Food Emporium and enjoy an incredible breakfast. Or, try their lunch, dinner, desserts, and more and let me know how it is!


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