Anticipation List for Halloween Horror Nights 31 at Universal Orlando

Finally, it is time I actually return to my beloved Universal Studios as well as Halloween Horror Nights. Plans are booked and rapidly approaching. I’m drooling over the food and drink menus. I’m desperately trying to make sure I pack everything.

So let’s take a minute to think about my most anticipated houses at this year’s event.

All of the event details can be found on the official website, which is where I got the images and house descriptions.

Let’s start from the bottom up –

10.) Bugs: Eaten Alive

“These Bugs Are Out to Exterminate YOU!

While touring a 1950s home of the future, you’ll be surrounded by the slime of bugs everywhere as hordes of many-legged terrors descend upon you and your scream squad. You’ll be dropping like flies.”

Let me preface this with the statement: I don’t think there’s a bad house among this line up. However, Bugs may be the first house that is making me have a panic attack solely over concept alone. It is my least anticipated because I think I may pass out haha. Not even because of the bugs. Because of the “holes” mentioned in the house.

9.) The Horrors of Blumhouse

Twice the Screams. Twice the Terror.

Get ready for a bloodcurdling new double feature of Blumhouse horror as your scream squad faces a ruthless serial killer in Freaky and an evil kidnapper in the relentlessly terrifying The Black Phone.”

This is probably so far down for me because I haven’t watched either movie yet (don’t worry, they’re both on my Pre Trip To Do List), but just for that reason, it’s coming in at #9.

8.) Fiesta de Chupacabras

“Listen to Your Abuela and Beware the Chupacabras

Visit a Latin American village where the legend of the creature Chupacabras is celebrated with a colorful fiesta. And the streets are lined with the crimson blood of tourists like you and your amigos.”

I weighed back and forth on if this would be 8 or 7, but ultimately some of the possible visuals for my #7 pick bumped this one down. But I’m still really excited for this one!

7.) The Weeknd: After House Nightmare

It’s Music to Your Fears.

You love his music, but can you survive his mind? The Weeknd is about to stalk your squad through this haunted house, a surreal living nightmare from his After Hours videos. His nightmare is now yours.

I’m going to have to familiarize myself with more music than Blinding Lights, but from the teaser, it looks like it could have some visuals up my alley.

6.) Hellblock Horror

“As These Monsters Escape Their Prison, There’s No Escape for You

Enter a prison whose savage inmates are monstrous creatures. If they break free from their cells, it’s a death sentence for everyone.”

I’m down for a fun monster time. Kind of reminds me of a better version of a haunt at Six Flags Fright Fest last year.

5.) Dead Man’s Pier: Winter’s Wake

“You’re Dead in the Water

In a New England fishing village, undead fishermen emerge from the waves to seek their revenge. You and your scream squad may have escaped their hooks in the scare zone. Now they’ll reel you in and drag you under.

I was there when they had Dead Man’s Warf as a scarezone in 2016, so I’m interested in seeing this house. Also, this house sounds cold. Which I’m into.

4.) Spirits of the Cover

“They’re Bewitchingly Terrifying.

A coven of beautiful flapper witches will lure you into their 1920s speakeasy, reveal their haggish true form and turn your scream squad into a witch’s brew. They’ll be cackling; you’ll be screaming.

Witchy 1920s house sounds super fun and probably very visually interesting.

3.) Universal Monsters: Legends Collide

“It’s The Wolf Man vs. Dracula vs. The Mummy.

If you thought one Universal Monster was scary, how about three? Summon your scream squad, ‘cause you’re about to get caught between The Wolf Man, Dracula and The Mummy, together for the first time.”

I’m a huge Universal Monsters fan, so I’m excited to finally get to go to an HHN event with a Universal Monsters house.

2.) Descendants of Destruction

Deeper. Darker. Deadlier.

Careful not to leave any of your scream squad behind as you descend the subway tunnels of a deserted New York. Lurking in the dark are hungry mutants looking to feast on the last remnants of humanity.

I can’t explain it, but something about this house just sounds like it’ll be something I’ll get really into. Let’s hope it lives up to whatever hype my brain has made up for itself haha

1.) Halloween

“His Beginning is Your End.

Silent. Merciless. Relentless. There’s nobody like Michael Myers. And if your scream squad is ready, this year, you can gather together and face the terror of Halloween from the very beginning.”

Have they done Halloween before? Yes. Have I been to Halloween at HHN? Also yes. ( see this post ) But the Halloween franchise is my favorite, Michael is my favorite iconic slasher, and this will get me hyped for Halloween Ends in October.

What houses sound most exciting for you? The boyfriend and I have two nights of HHN tickets, and we have express passes the first night, so expect loads of content!



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