Hadestown at the Fabulous Fox

For the last two and a half-ish years, my nieces and I have lovingly listened to the Hadestown soundtrack (in particular, they know every word to both versions of Wait For Me), and dreamed of the day we could somehow go see it. Initially, I intended to take them to a leg of the tour in Tennessee in 2020, but then, well… 2020 happened.

But little did the girls know, I was entirely motivated to get them to the show somehow – and the moment it was announced for the Fox in St. Louis, I waited patiently to purchase tickets.

I had to very elaborately craft a false plan for our day, distract the girls as we drove past the theater, and then fake some disappointment when we “realized” not only was Hadestown at the Fox – it was the last day. So I told them to at least take a pic with the poster. As soon as I snapped the picture, I swapped to video and told them I was really taking them to Hadestown.

They didn’t believe me haha.

It wasn’t until we were inside, they bought merch, and were in their seats that it really hit them and the excitement set in.

The show was absolutely beautiful. The set designs, band, chorus, actors, costumes – it was all breathtaking. I was particularly obsessed with lighting, especially with the descent into Hadestown and in Hadestown itself.

They loved it too,of course. And Wait For Me was obviously their favorite.

I also grabbed myself a shirt and bag when the girls were getting their goodies.

Overall, the day was great and the surprise went smoothly. It was such a special thing for me to be able to give them this experience, and I’ll remember it forever.



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