Creepyworld 2022

Finally, after wanting to go for SO LONG – I have been to Creepyworld in Fenton, Missouri.

It’s no secret that I’ve been longing for more haunts since getting back from Halloween Horror Nights this year, and Six Flags Fright Fest just wasn’t enough to get me through. So, the boyfriend and I made some plans with two friends and went to Creepyworld the Friday before Halloween.

No better time to soak up the spooky serotonin, ya know?

We had an absolute blast.

Creepyworld, which is a “screampark”, boasts about the amount of houses and attractions all found in one spot. From a continuous line of houses, to a horror fans dream come true on a hayride, and even a fun new addition of the Jack O’Lantern Spooktaculer – there’s easily plenty of bang for your buck. We started at 6:30 and left around 8:30 feeling satisfied and ready to go back through.

The hayride and Jack O’Lantern Spooktaculer are both add on options, but for only $5 each, it’s completely worth it. Like I said – the hayride is a horror fans dream, and the Jack O’Lanterns are absolutely stunning and there’s SO MANY.

Definitely check out Creepyworld, as well as the other two attractions that are part of Scarefest – The Darkness and Lemp Brewery – which I’m super excited to announce we’ll be checking out next year.

I will miss you so much, Haunt Season. Until next year (or at least until I go to a house out of season. Maybe…. Christmas?)



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