Batman Haul – December 2019

It wasn’t nearly as massive as my November haul, but here’s my little December haul:

img_20181208_213443_3947838544489854877714.jpgBack Issue – Batman the Animated Series 25th Anniversary issue – September 2017

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Fathom Events: The Killing Joke


One of my all time favorite comics I’ve read, and can easily quote, is Batman: The Killing Joke¬†by Alan Moore, with illustrations¬†by Brian Bolland. If you aren’t familiar with it, The Killing Joke was a one shot published by DC Comics in 1988, and has one of the most widely accepted backstories for the Joker, though the comic stresses it could just be one of many possible back stories. As the Joker says in the comic: ” If I’m going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice!”

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