Review: Everfrost #1

Everfrost is a 4 issue miniseries published by Black Mask Studios
Artist: Sami Kivela [Abbott, Undone By Blood]
Writer: Ryan K Lindsay [Eternal, Negative Space]
Colourist: Lauren Affe [The Witcher, Stranger Things, Five Ghosts]
Letterer: Jim Campbell [Wasted Space, Giant Days]
Editor: Dan Hill [Beautiful Canvas, Metropo]

EVERFROST is a sci fi miniseries from Sami Kivela and Ryan K Lindsay, the smash hit team behind BEAUTIFUL CANVAS, CHUM, and DEER EDITOR. The futuristic story follows Van, a scientist who retired to the ice coast to die, who has finally figured out a way to fly away from Earth. But first she needs to work out how and why she just bumped into her son who she hasn’t seen since he died in her arms when he was a child.”

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