Horror Films Directed by Women – WiHM

I plan to revise this and add to it, but here’s my list so far of horror films directed by women in honor of Women in Horror Month!

This list will be by year, and if I’m really spunky I’ll link IMDB where possible. (I felt spunky and did the thing.) I haven’t seen every film listed, but I’d love to know how many you guys have seen!

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Interview: Destinie Orndoff of Deranged Minds Entertainment – WiHM

First up in a series of interviews with women in the horror industry is Destinie Orndoff – someone I’ve followed for years on social media, drooled over her collection, and watched excitedly as her career in horror began. A creative, driven girl with a passion for horror that I relate to a lot myself, and a collection that anyone would envy, she’s the perfect first interview to have up!

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