Review: Miranda in the Maelstrom #2

Writer: Riley Biehl (Miranda in the Maelstrom

Artist/Cover Artist: Dailen Ogden (The Liminal

Flatter: Drew Wills (24 Panels

Letterer: Taylor Esposito (Red Hood and The Outlaws, Finger Guns

Script Editor: Brittany Matter (Spitting Image

Editor: Nicole D’Andria (Road Trip to Hell

Publisher: Action Lab Entertainment 

“A Wolf in the Wasteland.” Her dimension destroyed and parents lost in the Multiverse Maelstrom, Miranda finds herself stranded and alone in a bizarre wasteland. Struggling to survive on a world with twin suns, rivers that flow in the air like wind, and monstrous amalgams, Miranda must learn to adapt to this unnatural nature. Will the local fauna make her their food, or will she learn to make them her friends?

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