Saving for Travel

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 I get a lot of questions on how I manage all these trips I’ve been going on, and sometimes these are less intrigue than people trying to remind me I need to be saving for other things. But, more and more, I’m getting people genuinely interested in how I do it, because they want to embrace the idea of seeing more of the world. And when I was reading the new post on Sky vs World about saving, and it made me decide to post my own ways of saving for travel.

Now, the type of traveling that I am doing usually requires different types of saving methods.

When I’m preparing to travel for a Comic Con, I figure out the exact amount of money I need and keep that number in my head. Then, I will put away random amounts of money in a jar behind my computer that I regularly forget about, so unless some sort of emergency comes up – I don’t touch it. Then, the actual paycheck or two before I go, literally every cent aside from what’s needed for bills goes straight to that trip: Be it for the con itself, or for travel expenses, or whatever. Usually, I hit over my goal and have random spending money. Sometimes, I have a desperate scramble last minute because I’m a bit short. One time, I spent my taxes right after I got them back, and was both relieved and heartbroken that I did.
For other travels, I do a similar jar-behind-the-computer concept, and I have some sort of end goal amount in mind, and then write down every dollar I put in the jar and keep that log inside of it. Sometimes, I decide one month that every single $1 bill I have goes into that jar. I’ve had a lot of success with deciding to save every $5 bill that comes into my possession. I am a change hoarder, and separate dimes into one jar, quarters in one, and a huge jug for nickels and pennies (this particular jar I plan to leave alone until it’s absolutely full, then use it for whenever I move away from home for whatever expense I need.) And then, again, the paycheck or two before I leave becomes devoted to my trip aside from bills.
I also sell Scentsy products, which brings me a little extra cash I forget about every month and leave alone until I use it for trips. A few months ago, I started doing surveys on a site called InboxDollars, and was surprised it actually paid off when I made $30 from just doing surveys and random junk, and that went to my most recent Orlando trip. Plus, I’ll save any gift money, do some extra photo shoots, maybe sell some random junk I really don’t need, etc. I always find a way to make it work. (Currently, I’m saving for a con in Chicago in August.)

Of course, there will be setbacks. Birthdays, holidays, unforeseen expenses – car upkeep, medical bills, etc. But it’s still fathomable if you really focus on what you want. Travel isn’t just for millionaires – if you work hard, you can do anything you want. 🙂


The Tales of a Wandering NerdGirl: An Introduction

Welcome! My name is Angel, and this is my little piece of the Internet to share my nerdy adventures with you!

I have a passion for many things in life, and I finally figured out a way to combine some: Writing + Photography + Nerd Culture + Travel = Wandering NerdGirl! I’m always on the lookout for cool places to go, especially if there is something nerdy to be seen there. So it just occurred to me one day: Why not start a site devoted to nerdy adventure?


Here at Wandering NerdGirl, I hope to guide you through the world to the best geeky destinations possible. This includes:

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If there is anything you’d like me to check out, leave suggestions in the comments and I’ll work on making my way there!

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