Review: My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising hit theaters in the U.S. finally last week. I had to drive and hour on Saturday, but I did get to see it. And holy cooooow, that was so worth it.

MHA: Heroes Rising was fantastic, from start to finish. We had a crazy cool opening, a compact but excellent plot, and one of the most mindblowing and jaw dropping end fight sequences I’ve seen. I’m not kidding – my mouth was hanging open for most of it. I was mesmerized.

One of the best parts of the film is that Class 1-A really gets to shine as a whole. If some of your favorites have been on the back burner in the anime for a bit, never fear – they got their chance to shine as heroes in training in this movie. It is set a little ahead in time, so everyone has slightly more advanced use of their quirks, but it just adds to how cool it is to see them all working hard against real, and very strong, villains.

I cannot get over how much I loved Heroes Rising, and wish I could have seen it multiple times in theaters. Hopefully the DVD releases soon, because I can’t wait to show my nieces!

Did you get to see My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising in theaters? Are you a sub or dub person?


2 thoughts on “Review: My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising

  1. Ahhh!!! I wish I could watch it — but it hasn’t hit my local theaters 🙃 frankly no idea if it even will to be honest… I don’t recall having seen the other one promoted on boards or anything.

    I’m more of a dub person, though right now I kinda have to watch it subbed as it isn’t on netflix yet and I don’t have anywhere else to watch it xd (im not much of listening to anime on my own,,, so a subscription on an anime site has me kinda ehh..)

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