Review – Butcher Queen: Planet of the Dead #2

Script: Jim Ousley

Art and Letters: Ben Sawyer

The full scope of Edvin Ivanoff’s sinister plan is revealed, as Syd Kiowa and a mysterious inter-dimensional ally join forces with a clandestine agency to try and prevent Earth’s complete destruction.

You may recall, not too long ago I did an interview with Jim Ousley and Ben Sawyer, along with a review, for the Butcher Queen series. Jim was kind enough to send over the second issue for review, along with some other goodies.

This is an action packed issue from start to finish – and man, that last page blew my mind.

It could be because I just watched Event Horizon for the first time, but some parts of this issue reminded me of aspects of Event Horizon. Which is pretty incredible, if you’ve ever watched it yourself. I really enjoy horror in sci fi scenarios, where things feel alien, the world is different than what we know, and then it’s elevated another level by excellently written in horror elements. It’s brilliant when done well, and this is definitely done well.

Jim Ousley does an excellent job with the script, keeping each issue exciting as we unravel the events happening on the page. Characters you can’t help but love, intriguing plot, and great writing all coming together to give us something so enjoyable.

This may be some of my favorite art I’ve seen in Butcher Queen so far. Ben Sawyer is so talented, and I cannot wait to see what else he can do in these books, as well as in any other future projects he works on.

Be sure to grab Butcher Queen: Planet of the Dead #2 – out now!


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