Review: Blue Flame #1

Writer: Christopher Cantwell
Artist: Adam Gorham
Colorist: Kurt Michael Russell
Letterer: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
Designer: Tim Daniel 
On Sale: 5/26/2021

THE BLUE FLAME is a cosmic hero. The Blue Flame is a DIY vigilante that fights crime on the streets of Milwaukee. The Blue Flame is a blue collar HVAC repairman named SAM BRAUSAM. In the wake of a horrific tragedy, the boundaries of the Blue Flame’s identity blur even further. Now, before a universal trial, the Blue Flame must prove that humanity is worth saving. But in order to do that, Sam Brausam has to save himself. Can he?”

The emotional impact of this book is intense. The feeling of a small group of heroes in a real and broken world meets the cosmic hero fantasy. It has a very slight reminiscence of Watchmen meets Strange Adventures, with a touch of Batman: Creature of the Night and the blurring of one’s own reality. But it’s also nothing like these things and standing totally on it’s own. But the fact that it evokes similar feelings I get from some of my favorites says a lot, to me at least.

But Blue Flame is MORE. This is an indie superhero book that could stand out against the big two. This is a powerful story that’s just beginning, and sure to take comic readers by storm.

The art is stunning and jumps beautifully between cosmic adventurer Blue Flame and the harsh reality Blue Flame, and carries it all so well. The colors are gorgeous and really bring it all to life. The lettering is great. Everything works together to evoke feelings of the comics of the past while still being incredibly fresh and interesting.

Grab issue one this week!


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