Review: The Picture of Everything Else #1

Writer: Dan Watters
Artist & Colorist: Kishore Mohan
Letterer: Aditya Bidikar
Designer: Tim Daniel
Cover A: Kishore Mohan
Cover B: Nathan Gooden
Cover C: Adam Gorham
Cover D: Anand RK  
On Sale: 12/23/2020 

“As the 20th century dawns, art promises to change the world…and steep it in blood. A rash of impossible killings sweep through Paris, tearing the rich and beautiful apart in their beds. When two art thieves stumble upon the portraits of the victims damaged in the exact same manner they died, it appears the man who once painted the immortal portrait of Dorian Gray has returned—with darker plans for future works. From the minds of Dan Watters (Coffin Bound, Lucifer, Home Sick Pilots) and Kishore Mohan comes a haunting balance of depravity and beauty.”

I had high hopes for this first issue, and I was completely blown away. This is the sort of beautifully written horror that you crave in life. Decadent and exceptionally written, which is no surprise with Dan Watters writing it. There’s something about the way the story is told that you feel like you’re being drawn into the events alongside the characters. You’re helpless and intrigued and cannot look away from what’s unfolding. It’s SO GOOD.

I’m in love with Kishore Mohan’s art. And in a book that’s heavily centered around artists and their craft, that’s a great thing. There’s so much care and emotion in each page and panel, it adds so much depth to the story. Tim Daniel, as we all expect because everyone loves Tim, does excellent design work as usual. And Aditya Bidikar does a fantastic job with the lettering.

Grab issue one of The Picture of Everything Else this week!


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