Review: The Picture of Everything Else #2

Writer: Dan Watters
Artist & Colorist: Kishore Mohan
Letterer: Aditya Bidikar
Designer: Tim Daniel
Cover A: Kishore Mohan
Cover B: Adam Gorham
On Sale: 2/17/2021

Marcel has abandoned painting for the glamorous world of criticism. But a monster has returned to Paris with a Faustian offer he cannot refuse. Old wounds will be opened. New wounds will be formed with paintbrush and gun smoke.

For my review of issue one of The Picture of Everything Else, click here.

I’ve been craving more of this decadent horror story, and I’m absolutely thrilled to finally have issue two. There is so much intimacy in the writing, keeping the reader feeling like they’re part of what’s unfolding, and keeps you emotionally invested in what is happening. The eerie feeling of looming danger for the Marcel haunts you, while the heartbreaking struggles he’s been through devastate you.

Art in a book about artists is important, and Kishore Mohan is ideal for this book. Every page has so much beautiful work, with stunning details, and passion you can feel. Aditya Bidikar does a fantastic job with the different lettering styles in this, keeping everything clear for the readers.

Grab issue two of The Picture of Everything Else this week!

– Angel

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