Review: The Devil’s Red Bride #4

Writer: Sebastian Girner
Artist: John Bivens
Colorist: Iris Monahan
Letterer: Jeff Powell
Designer: Tim Daniel 
On Sale: 1/13/2021

“After a hellish journey on the road to vengeance, Ketsuko is now within a blade’s length of ending those who brought about her clan’s demise. But a shocking twist unmasks not only the Red Bride, but her true enemy!”

The Devil’s Red Bride is one of those comics that really satisfies something in me as a reader. My love for feudal Japan since I was young, of course, but also a love for beautiful writing and stunning art. And this may be my favorite issue yet.

There really is something beautiful to not only the story, but the writing itself. The execution is flawless, for me. It’s familiar but new, with just enough darkness to really seal the deal for me. Issue Four packs a lot of phenomenal story in it, with revelations you may not see coming. I cannot recommend the book enough solely based on the writing Sebastian Girner does.

But, luckily, it doesn’t have to be sold solely on great writing, because the art is exceptional. John Bivens captures so much about the time period incredibly, while blending in fantastic supernatural elements. As I’ve stated before, the uses of color by Iris Monahan, specifically reds, is something I’m absolutely in love with in this series. And Jeff Powell does a wonderful job with the lettering.

Grab issue four this week!


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