Review: Butcher Queen: Planet of the Dead #4

Script: Jim Ousley
Art and Letters: Ben Sawyer

As Syd recovers from a vicious attack, the Planet of the Dead rushes to its violent conclusion.”

If you missed my interview with the creators, click here!

For some reason, January is out to break my heart. First Red Mother ended. Then Bleed Them Dry. And here we are. The last issue of Butcher Queen: Planet of the Dead.

Many thanks to Jim Ousley for getting these issues – and goodies! – to me!

What a final issue! Action packed, heartfelt, and the ending is fantastic. Jim Ousley really nailed the world building and character development for this series. So many loveable characters, making everything high stakes for the readers – especially in this final issue! It’s beautiful, and hopefully isn’t the end for these characters and the world.

There are absolutely beautiful pages in this issue as well. Ben Sawyer nailed every page and every panel in this book, with art that just gets progressively more amazing as the series goes on. All of the larger than life things they’re facing in this issue look INCREDIBLE.

Be sure to grab the final issue 1/27/21!


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