Review: Miranda In The Maelstrom #6

Writer: Riley Biehl 
Artist/Cover Artist: Drew Moss  
Colorist: Borg Sinaban 
Letterer: Taylor Esposito 
Script Editor: Brittany Matter 
Editor: Nicole D’Andria 
Publisher: Action Lab Entertainment

With the help the Inanimates, Miranda was able to travel through the storm and back to IDEA. On a mission to be reunited with Noodles and save the Inanimate’s leader, Miranda must sneak her way through the inner corridors of IDEA where she’ll discover the horrifying truth about the organization. Can she survive on her own? Who is the vigilante known as Web-Wing? Will Miranda find Noodles and begin their adventures, or is she destined be alone in infinity?”

What an amazing journey this series has been! And it looks like it’s far from over.

This issue was dark, emotional, but in the end, full of hope. Being along on this journey with Miranda and Noodles has been such a fun blast, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.

Again, the art is beautiful. Thrilling and vibrant, fluid and keeping us engaged, it was absolutely excellent. The colors are gorgeous. And as always, Taylor Esposito on letter is just *chef’s kiss*.

Volume One should be coming soon if you’ve missed out – I believe May 19th. You can preorder here.

Grab issue #6 is out this week!


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