Review: Good Luck #4

Written by Matthew  Erman
Art by Steffano Simeone
Letterered by Mike Fiorentino

Reeling from their recent discovery that Joseph is more than what he seems, The Unfortunates must focus on their mission, but in order to have any chance to save the world they must get to the Core.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of Luck and his cronies have invaded the Kismet Zone after our team’s disappearance and may ruin everything.

And what do Ursa and Cassiopeia have to do with the final mission of the Core? “

Probably my favorite issue of the series, really solidifying how out there and incredible this series is. The concept it incredibly executed, and written in such a way your heart is invested in only a few issues. These kids really win you over, and you’re by their side – through the good, and the bad.

The art is absolutely beautiful. It’s unique, which works well with the unique story, and really helps bring these interesting concepts to life, completing the vision. The colors are ridiculously gorgeous. The lettering is perfect.

Grab issue four tomorrow!


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