Superman Celebration 2022

I’ve talked about the previous times I’ve attended the Superman Celebration ( in 2017 and 2018), and it was really exciting to finally head back to Metropolis this year after being away for so long. And – the weekend of Superman Day! So it was perfect.

You can watch a quick video of the trip here.

Metropolis, Illinois is an easy day trip for us, and I’m super thankful to only be just shy of three hours from a little town with something so cool. Obviously, I’m a huge DC Comics fan. And while Batman and Harley Quinn are my clear favorites, it’s still really cool to go see a place so dedicated to the Man of Steel, including having a Superman museum and a giant Superman statue, along with the 44 years of the Superman Celebration.

As is tradition, we stopped at Villainous Grounds in Perryville, MO on our way for drinks and comics. The girls got coffee. I had a small hot chocolate.

It was very hot and she was very hungry haha

As always, we had to see the giant statue. It’s really exciting – to me, at least – to see something so cool in the heart of a small town.

We had to see Lois Lane too, of course.

We took a few fun pictures before heading into the museum.

I’m not going too in depth here about the museum because I made a separate post here all about the Super Museum.

After we exited the museum, we grabbed a few things in the gift shop before venturing out for a quick bite.

I had taco fries and shared a Pepsi with one of the nieces.

After that, we ventured into Hidden Gems to check the store out, as well as do a quick peak around Super Con.

A few bonus cool things that happened:

I got to meet a fellow collector friend from Instagram – TheTrueKingofComedy – and we exchanged gifts! I was given super cool buttons they made me. Honestly: the highlight of my whole day.

Also, while we were in line for food, we saw a couple get married in front of the statue and it warmed my nerdy little heart.

And, the most confusing accidental discovery:

We discovered the World’s Largest Fountain Drink.

It was a fun day trip, and one I recommend to anyone that would love this sort of thing. (Superman, I mean. Not the giant cup.)


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