Fan Expo Canada 2018 Update

There have been several celebrity guests announced so far, but we’re finally getting to the ones I’m more interested in for this con – comic guests!

First announced is prettttty exciting:


I haven’t been talking too much about Fan Expo prep yet, mostly because it’s been kind of up-in-the-air for me, due to some work schedule related things. But, the plan is to go again. I had such a great time last year, and I’m getting really excited for this year.

Obviously I’ve meet Scott and Greg twice now: At Fan Expo last year and at Planet Comic Con. But I’d still love to see them again and get more things signed.

And I’ve never met Andy Kubert, so hopefully I can meet him and get something signed!

I’m looking forward to more guest announcements in the near future, and can’t wait to start trip planning with you guys.


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