Prepping for con season!

It’s my two big con weekends. This weekend I have Planet Comic Con in Kansas City, MO and then the next weekend I have Wizard World St Louis. Aside from Super Con at the Superman Celebration and any small comic shows I may do locally, this is pretty much it for me and cons, this year. So, I’m pretty excited about two weekends of nerdy goodness.

Here’s what I’m packing so far for Planet Comic Con:

  • My wonderful con bag.
  • My comic book stor-folio.
  • My new art portfolio to put prints in.
  • A new portfolio tube for protecting my posters during the con.
  • Signable things.
  • Clothes, etc.

I’m SOOOO ready for con time. And super excited to have two days at Planet Comic Con, when I only had one day last year. It was an absolutely incredible con and I’m so happy to be returning.

How many cons do you have planned for this year? Any cool guests you’re seeing?


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