Review: By the Horns #2

Art & direction by Markisan Naso
Art, lettering, and design by Jason Muhr
Color art and effects by Andrei Tabacaru

Elodie and Sajen make their way to the island home of Futen, the Dark Demon Sorcerer of the Western Wind, to have a chat about unicorns. Their talk does not go well…”

In case you need a refresher for issue one, click here for my review.

This issue was fantastic! Fast paced, exciting, and easy to get into after the break between issues, By the Horns #2 is definitely a must-grab if you enjoyed the first issue. I love the characters, how unique the story is, and the twist of fun and dark together.

The art is gorgeous. The designs of the characters, the world, etc are all fantastic. The colors are absolutely stunning. It’s all so unique and fits the feel of the story so well.

Grab issue two tomorrow!


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